• Lead Technical Officer

    • APS Level 6 (Technical Officer Level 4), $80,665 to $91,713 plus an additional 15.4% superannuation
    • Full-time
    • Data & Digital - NSW Sydney HUB

    The purpose of an Observing Operations Hub is to house the competencies required to fully service the requirements of the area it covers. The locations and number of Hubs are governed by user requirements and network operations.

    To operate effectively as a Lead Technical Officer (TO4) you will undertake moderate to very complex operational and network support tasks. Whilst working under the general guidance of the Hub Manager, the role will be significantly autonomous in the delivery of the Lead Role functions.

    Regardless of your tasks or specialisation, you will liaise with stakeholder groups on technical aspects of observing networks, review and contribute to working documentation, prepare and deliver reports and provide technical expertise on business development opportunities where required. You may be tasked with additional relevant duties at the appropriate level.

    As a Lead Technical Officer (TO4), you will be an integral part of inter-Hub technical panels. These technical panels will provide support, facilitate knowledge sharing and encourage a network-wide, consistent approach to practices and systems of work.

    You are required to hold all relevant pre-requisite competencies and to have completed all relevant pre-requisite training before undertaking the duties associated with those competencies or training. You are required to comply with all relevant legislation, policies, procedures and guidance pertinent to your work and ensure that all members of your team do the same, especially with regard WHSE.

    The operational requirements of each of the individual hubs will determine the organisational structure and make-up of the TO4 Leads for that hub. Multiple leads to support specific aspects of the network may be required (e.g. multiple Radar or Surface Networks leads). Alternatively, roles or functions may need to be split or combined that you will have the responsibility to lead. (e.g. combining the functions of Upper Air and Radar).

    The Lead Technical Officer (TO4) may have management responsibility for TO3 and TO2 level staff and will report to the Hub Manager. Operational management of staff is expected in certain circumstances.

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